Technical Info

DIN 522 Metal washers
DIN 525 Weld studs
DIN 526 Safety cups
DIN 529 Masonry and foundation bolts
DIN 546 Slotted round nuts
DIN 547 Round nuts with drilled holes in one face
DIN 548 Round nuts with set pin holes in side
DIN 551 Slotted set screws with chamfered ends
DIN 555 Hexagon Nuts
DIN 557 Product grade C square nuts
DIN 558 Hexagon Screws
DIN 561 Hexagon set screws with small hexagon and full dog point
DIN 564 Hex set screw with small hex, half dog/flat cone point
DIN 571 Hexagon head wood screws
DIN 580 Lifting eye bolts
DIN 601 Hexagon bolts
DIN 603 Mushroom head square neck bolts
DIN 604 Flat countersunk nib bolts
DIN 605 Flat countersunk square neck bolts
DIN 607 Cup head nib bolts
DIN 608 Flat countersunk square neck bolts
DIN 609 Hexagon fit bolts
DIN 610 Sechskant-PaƟschrauben
DIN 611 Overview of standards for rolling bearings
DIN 653 Knurled thin thumb screws
DIN 660 Round head rivets
DIN 661 Countersunk head rivets
DIN 675 Flat countersunk head rivets
DIN 705 Bright set collars
DIN 797 Special foundation bolts
DIN 906 Hexagon socket pipe plugs
DIN 908 Hexagon socket screw plugs
DIN 909 Hexagon head pipe plugs
DIN 910 Heavy-duty hexagon head screw plugs
DIN 912 Hexagon socket head cap screws
DIN 913 Hexagon socket set screws with flat point
DIN 914 Hexagon socket set screws with cone point
DIN 915 Hexagon socket set screws with dog point
DIN 916 Hexagon socket set screws with cup point
DIN 920 Slotted pan head screws with small head
DIN 921 Slotted pan head screws with large head
DIN 922 Slotted pan head screws with small head + full dog point
DIN 923 Slotted pan head screws with shoulder
DIN 924 Slotted raised countersunk head screws with full dog point
DIN 925 Slotted countersunk head screws with full dog point
DIN 926 Slotted set screws with full dog point
DIN 929 Hexagon weld nuts
DIN 934 Sechskantmuttern
DIN 935 Hexagon slotted nuts and castle nuts
DIN 937 Hexagon thin castle nuts
DIN 939 Studs
DIN 940 Studs
DIN 949 Metric interference-fit thread studs
DIN 960 Sechskantschrauben
DIN 961 Sechskantschrauben
DIN 962 Designation system for fasteners
DIN 963 Slotted countersunk head screws
DIN 965 Cross recessed countersunk head screws
DIN 975 Gewindestangen
DIN 976 Metric thread stud bolts
DIN 979 Hexagon thin slotted nuts and castle nuts
DIN 980 All-metal prevailing torque type hexagon nuts
DIN 985 Prevailing torque type hexagon thin nuts, nonmetallic insert
DIN 986 Prevailing torque type hex domed cap nuts nonmetallic insert
DIN 988 Shim rings and supporting rings
DIN 1143 Round plain head nails
DIN 1144 Nails for the installation of wood wool composite panels
DIN 1151 Round plain head and countersunk head wire nails
DIN 1152 Round lost head wire nails
DIN 1157 Decorator’s tacks
DIN 1160 Clout or slate nails
DIN 1441 Flat washers
DIN 1469 Grooved pins, half length grooved with gorge
DIN 1478 Turnbuckles
DIN 1480 Turnbuckles
DIN 1544 Flat steel products, cold rolled steel strip
DIN 1804 Slotted Round Nut for Hook Spanner
DIN 1816 Round nut with set pin holes inside
DIN 2093 Conical disc springs
DIN 2393 Welded precision steel tubes
DIN 5425 Rolling bearings mounting tolerances
DIN 6331 Hexagon collar nuts
DIN 6332 Grub screws with thrust point
DIN 6340 Washers for clamping devices
DIN 6434 Rivet sets
DIN 6791 Semitubular pan head rivets
DIN 6792 Semitubular countersunk head rivets
DIN 6796 Conical spring washers for bolt/nut assemblies
DIN 6797 Toothed lock washers
DIN 6798 Serrated lock washers
DIN 6880 Bright steel for key bars
DIN 6881 Taper key torque transmission saddle keys
DIN 6883 Taper key torque transmission parallel keys
DIN 6886 Stressed-type fastenings with taper action, taper keys
DIN 6887 Taper keys with gib head
DIN 6888 Woodruff keys
DIN 6903 Plain washers
DIN 6904 Curved spring washers
DIN 6905 Spring lock washers
DIN 6907 Serrated lock washers with external teeth
DIN 6908 Conical spring washers
DIN 6912 Hexagon socket thin head cap screws
DIN 6913 Spring washers with safety ring
DIN 6914 High-strength hexagon head bolts
DIN 6916 Round washers
DIN 6921 Hexagon flange bolts
DIN 6922 Hexagon flange bolts with reduced shank
DIN 6923 Flange hex nut
DIN 6924 Prevailing torque type hexagon nuts nonmetallic insert
DIN 6925 Prevailing torque type all-metal hexagon nuts
DIN 7331 Compression rivets
DIN 7337 Break mandrel blind rivets
DIN 7338 Brake and clutch lining rivets
DIN 7339 One-piece tubular rivets
DIN 7340 Tubular rivets
DIN 7504 Self-drilling tapping screws
DIN 7969 Slotted countersunk head screws
DIN 7970 Thread and screw ends for tapping screws
DIN 7971 Pan head tapping screws with slot
DIN 7972 Countersunk head tapping screws with slot
DIN 7973 Raised countersunk (oval) head tapping screws with slot
DIN 7981 Pan head tapping screws with recessed head
DIN 7982 Countersunk head tapping screws with slot
DIN 7991 Hexagon socket countersunk head cap screws
DIN 7992 T-head bolts with large head
DIN 7998 Threads and thread ends for wood screws
DIN 8187 European type roller chains
DIN 8188 American type roller chains
DIN 8221 Bushes for plain bearings
DIN 8245 Slotted countersunk (flat) head screws
DIN 9021 Large size washers
DIN 9045 Snap rings
ISO 14579 Hexalobular socket head cap screws
ISO 14580 Hexalobular socket cheese head screws
ISO 14581 Hexalobular socket countersunk flat head screws
ISO 14583 Hexalobular socket pan head screws
ISO 14584 Hexalobular socket raised CSK head screws
DIN125 (DIN EN ISO 7089) plain washer
DIN125 (DIN EN ISO 7090) chamfered plain wahser

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